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Monday, December 07, 2009

Oh, good grief!

Some of you are probably fans of my occasional rants about Conservapedia. Others of you are probably fans of the Colbert Report. And some of you are probably in the overlap in that particular Venn diagram, finding yourselves amused by both things. Well, if you're in that last group, I have good news for you: on Tuesday it looks like Andrew Schlafly, Conservapedia Czar, will be appearing on the Colbert Report. I kid you not:

If you want to know what a pencil is or find out what the heck is in marmalade, but you want to be spared from reading about their uses for smoking Islamic pot and performing abortions at gay, atheist, flag-burning, estate-tax orgies, you don't go to liberally-biased Wikipedia, you go to Conservapedia. After all, it's the only online encyclopedia with the common sense to stay on the fence about the extinction of dinosaurs.

Well, on next Tuesday's Colbert Report, Stephen will sit down for an interview with Andrew Schlafly, who is the founder of Conservapedia and not, as I first thought, the guy from Wham who's not George Michael.

And by "next Tuesday" I think they mean "tomorrow." Somebody tivo it, because I think it's gonna be a winner.

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Anonymous John said...

The Colbert Report is also available online at, so even if you don't watch it Tuesday you can catch it later in the week (and, presumably, forevermore).

Monday, December 07, 2009 10:02:00 AM  

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