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Friday, January 22, 2010

Okay, so what was awkward.

The Scene: Drek is riding the bus to work surrounded by fellow passengers. A somewhat strange man is sitting next to Drek while a young woman sits on the bench across the aisle.

Man: Hey, do I know you?

Woman: Um.... I don't think so.

Man: I could swear I know you... OH!

Woman: What?

Man: You look just like a neighbor I used to have!

Woman: Oh, really?

Man: Yeah, yeah! She had hair just like yours! You look just like her.

Woman: Wow.

Man: I used to look at her house when I'd walk past it, you know? She looked just like you.

Woman: Uh-huh.

Man: Once I looked in her window and saw her walking around naked.

Woman: ...

Drek: Okay, that's enough.

Man: Huh?

Drek: No. You're done. Just... that's it.

Rarely has a bus ride felt more awkward than that.

As a side note: No, I don't think he was completely okay mentally. And no, that didn't make the situation any less uncomfortable.

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