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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Total Drek One Sentence Movie Reviews: Part Five!

Once more it's time for another installment of this, my lamest series yet. Today we rate a set of movies for no better reason than that I have no idea what else to do for a post. Let's begin, shall we?

The Brothers Bloom

Run Time: 113 minutes.

Genre: Romantic comedy (?)

One sentence review: I never thought being a professional con man would be so boring.

The Mutant Chronicles

Run Time: 111 minutes.

Genre: Science fiction/horror

One sentence review: Plan ten from outer space!


Run Time: 162 minutes.

Genre: Science fiction epic.

One sentence review: Hell, I can do it in one word: Tatanka!*

* All kidding aside, Avatar is a pretty damned entertaining movie, and well worth seeing. Don't get sucked in by the whole "noble savage" thing, though. Really, the movie makes much more sense if you assume that the entire ecosystem was produced by a post-singularity intelligence as a sort of highly robust computational substrate. If you want to have a chat about why that's the case, I'm game, but you should really see the movie first.

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