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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The underground economy...

The Scene: Drek and his lovely wife are talking about their days on a Saturday evening.

Drek's Wife: So I went looking for that hair stuff I was telling you about while I was running errands earlier?

Drek: Oh, right, yeah. Did you find it?

Drek's Wife: Well, yeah, but I had to go into a Sally's Beauty Supply to find it.

Drek: Okay.

Drek's Wife: And it was really weird. I went in and there was nobody around- that place is always empty, I don't know how it stays in business- and then this woman just comes out of nowhere and asks me if she can help.

Drek: Did she sound... off?

Drek's Wife: Like an evil Harry Potter character.

Drek: Yikes.

Drek's Wife: Exactly. So I told her no and went looking around, but I think they decided I was going to steal something because some other freaky woman appeared and started following me around!

Drek: Well, that makes sense. I mean, you know that place is a front for prostitution, right?

Drek's Wife: What? How do you know?

Drek: Just think about the name: Sally's Beauty Supply?

Drek's Wife: ...

Drek's Wife: Well-played.

Drek: Thanks, I'm proud of how that one came out.

Even I wonder how she puts up with me some all of the time.

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