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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An awesomely cute story...

This may be one of the cutest stories I've ever heard:

Recently she lost a tooth, and she knows the tooth fairy will give money for a tooth under the pillow. However: she’s a skeptic (at age 5). She was talking to me about the big event recently, and mentioned that she wasn’t sure if there really was a tooth fairy. I was interested to hear more, and asked her what she thought.

I swear to you, people; she then came up with this, right there and then, all by herself. An idea to test her theory. She decided to count all Mum and Dad's money. Then, the next morning, she could tell if that was where the money came from.

I don't want to blow the ending but, I think, the whole story points to a brilliant way for skeptical parents to allow their children to experience the magic of childhood without forever saddling them with the nonsensical idea that invisible beings make things happen. Read the whole thing- it's worth it.

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Blogger tina said...

Same story with Kid: he figured it out before the first tooth fell, but all the same, he put the tooth under the pillow and collected the cash. In the morning, however, he wanted his tooth back and he knew right where to go to get it. We happily complied, and now he's got a little container with two teeth in it so far, ready for more.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 9:09:00 AM  

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