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Monday, March 15, 2010

Okay, you know what? That's it!

So I've long had a comment moderation policy here on Total Drek that was born out of a simple desire to not have my readers be inundated by spam. I don't think my requirements have been too unreasonable, either- I just exclude comments that are clearly part of an effort to market some service. And for a long time, this approach worked rather well. Recently, however, I have been absolutely f-ing flooded with spammers trying to comment on the blog. And when I say "flooded" I'm really saying, "Up to one hundred attempts a day". Often these "comments" are just a meaningless mass of links. Other times it's all in cyrillic, which could almost be a legit comment except for the links to porn sites. Occasionally it's just a plain text message that criticizes the blog, which could almost be legitimate- I am, after all, well worth criticizing given that I suck- but the exact same message is usually left on three or four different posts at a time. And the pattern of old posts getting spam comments is, itself, quite suggestive. This guest post by the always charming plain(s)feminist, for example, gets a massive amount of spam. Why? Well, I'm guessing it's because it talks about sex. So, you know, instant porn spam magnet. And don't even get me started on all the weirdly racist spam that pops up.

Now, I love you folks, my readers, so I have been shielding you all from this madness. But I am now, officially, goddamn tired of it. I am an amateur blogger- I don't do this professionally, or for pay, and really do have other things to do with my time. Moderating limp-ass comment spam is just not a worthwhile investment of effort. So, much to my displeasure, I have reactivated the annoying word verification thingie. If it seems to filter some of the spam, it will stay. If it seems to filter all of the spam, it'll stay and I'll probably turn comment moderation back off. And if it completely fails to filter any spam, I'll just have to get more draconian.

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience, but please believe me that it cannot be any more inconvenient than the shit I've been dealing with on a daily bloody basis.

Thank you!

Now enjoy this fun and entirely appropriate video:

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