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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lingerie that screams "crazy."

Hot from (where else?) Japan comes the newest fad in ladies undergarments- the rice bra. And no, I don't mean a bra made of reprocessed rice or something sensible like that:

Female urban farmers keen to keep their agricultural hobby close to their heart can now grow their own rice in a special bra designed by Japanese lingerie maker Triumph.

Triumph, makers of other eccentric, gimmick bras that include one with a sushi set and another that comes with solar panels, said it came up with the "rice bra" because of the growing popularity of farming among city dwellers in Japan.


"Home kits that allow people to grow their own rice are very popular online. We thought that it would be fun if a bra could give people the same experience," said Masuda.

The bra, made of recyclable plastic, can be tied together to create pots that also double as the cups.


"The bra fits much better than it looks. Wearing it puts me in such a fun mood," said model Reiko Aoyama in the lingerie.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the bra isn't actually for sale- it's just a publicity stunt- thereby saving us from a littany of articles in fashion magazines talking about the top ten shirts to help keep your cans from looking like pots. Nevertheless, you have to hand it to Japan for its almost creepy ability to come up with breast-themed products.

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