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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Witness the rise of man!"

It's a source of national embarrassment in my view that the acceptance of evolution in the U.S. is so low. I'm not going to talk about the reasons for that today, or at least not at length, but will simply content myself with observing that evolution is a theory of how modern species developed given that life began, and not a theory of how life began in the first place. Thus, if you wish, you can simply insert your preferred cause at the start, and get onboard the evidence train with the rest of us.

Now, one often preferred method for trying to convey an idea to a wider selection of people is to make that idea more accessible, with "accessible" variously defined as "more understandable" or sometimes even as "watered down." One solution might be to make a movie. You know, a dramatic retelling of Darwin's life that includes some of the rationale for evolutionary theory. And this has, indeed, been done:

But this excellent effort was made in, and for, the British market and has only obtained limited exposure in the U.S. Clearly, we need something geared more specifically for the unique tastes of Americans. Fortunately, Dana Carvey has decided to step in:

Then again, maybe we ought to just stick to writing books.

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