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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Left Behind: Another Intermission

Hey folks! We're well into the summer months at this point, which means that my schedule is a bit more chaotic than usual. Specifically, there are some trips coming up that I'm hastily preparing for and, as a result, I decided to take a break from the Left Behinding this week. Don't worry, we'll be back next week with the beginning of Chapter 23 and should be done with the whole damned book by the end of the summer. No, really, I mean it! In the meantime though, just in case you can't live without a little horror in your Thursday, please enjoy* this trailer for Tim LaHaye's new book series:

I have no idea when books started to get f-ing trailers but, to be frank, Left Behind is such a raging shitball that this new atrocity probably needs all the help it can get.

See y'all next week!

* Understand, I mean "enjoy" very loosely here.



Blogger scripto said...

Yeah, great, fine. Go take your little trip. We'll manage somehow.

Thursday, June 17, 2010 9:59:00 AM  

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