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Friday, July 02, 2010

Since you asked...

The Scene: Drek, his sister, his Brother-in-Law and Drek's Father are having a chat about creationists.

Drek's Brother-in-Law: I work with this guy who believes that when the world ends, everyone will be gathered in front of god and all the people on the right will go into heaven, and all the people on the left will be armed- they'll literally come before god with guns- and will be banished into darkness and will then have to fight each other for survival.

Drek: You're kidding.

Drek's Brother-in-Law: I'm absolutely serious. He had a whole conversation with me about what equipment I should bring- night vision goggles, automatic rifles, it was bizarre.

Drek's Father: Wait- so the people on the right are the ones that are saved? Oops! Looks like us Republicans are in good shape.

Drek: Not your right, Dad- God's right.

Drek's Father: ...

Drek's Sister: Well, he did say the bad people were the ones with all the guns.

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