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Monday, August 09, 2010

Man, don't be that guy.

So quite a while back I wrote a post discussing Andy Schlafly's "Conservative Bible Project." Needless to say I was less than complimentary, and as such I earned a comment from someone calling himseld "The Dude" who, among other things, called me a "jew fag, nigger fucker," which, I suppose, might be insulting if I though being Jewish, of African descent, homosexual, or some combination thereof were something to be ashamed of. In any case, I dealt with this comment by making it the focus of another post, which I think was sufficient reply. Alas, it appears that not everyone agrees, as the original comment has now received a reply from an anonymous reader, and that reply is, sadly, just as special as the dude's original remarks:

Hey Dude, sit the fuck down and eat some dip before I take a fucking shotgun to your ass packing buddy Jesus. You and your Christian cronies don't have the balls to actually take a stand for anything on your own so keep on sucking your pastor's big bulbous gorilla headed cock and singing the praises of your defunct religion.

Right. So, let's go through this comment using our handy dumbass internet troll checklist:*

-Immediate use of profanity? Check!
-Threats of violence involving massive overkill? Check!
-Threats of violence against religious figures; bonus points if the threats involve sexual penetration? Check and check!
-Challenge to the target's masculinity? Check!
-Snide implication of target's homosexuality? Check!
-Unsupported claim of philosophy/religion's status as a failure? Check!

Based on that, folks, I think we can well and truly conclude that I've managed to attract yet another dumbass internet troll! Man, I am like f-ing honey to those guys! Now, there are several things I want to point out at this juncture.

First, anonymous commenter, I really don't need that kind of help. I've been around the block a few times in the six freaking years that I've been blogging. I can handle comments from trolls. Frankly, most of the time, I don't even need to handle them as the vitriol of an angry troll is as much support for my arguments as I could possibly want. The thing is, when I get "defended" by folks who are just as irrational as the original troll it kind of messes with my kung fu. Seriously, even if you're mad, just keep that kinda crazy to yourself.

Second, anonymous commenter, given the tenor of your comments I am somewhat afraid that you're going to be pegged as one of my fellow atheists. This is not something that we atheists need. There's ample evidence that those of my religious persuasion are not well thought of in the U.S. and promulgating a view of us as aggressive internet trolls does not help. Or, to put it more simply: don't be that guy. It's certainly the case that I run into theist trolls vastly more often than atheist or agnostic trolls, but given both the relative prevalence of those groups in the population, and that fact that my content is more likely to provoke ire from theists, I hardly think that's a valid data source. Nevertheless, again, please try to act in a way that doesn't embarrass the snot out of the rest of us.

* I SO need to design Dumbass Internet Troll Bingo cards!

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