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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

So this is cool...

Turns out, those terrifying shots that kids have to endure may soon be a thing of the past:

“A vaccine patch could cut out the need for painful needles and boost the effectiveness of immunisation against diseases like flu, say US researchers. The patch has hundreds of microscopic needles which dissolve into the skin. Tests in mice show the technology may even produce a better immune response than a conventional jab. Writing in Nature Medicine, the team of researchers said the patch could one day enable people to vaccinate themselves.

I have no particular fear of needles, stemming largely from a medical issue in my youth that required a lot of needles, and have voluntarily donated platelets* at the Red Cross a lot. Yet, even so, I can't say that I'd mind if this technology were successful, and I could give up influenza vaccine shots for influenza vaccine patches.

And I'm suddenly forced to wonder: if vaccines were administered via patch, rather than by jabbing needles, would they make such attractive targets to frame for autism? Somehow, I think not.

* As a brief pitch, if you're not afraid of needles, are healthy, and have time, let me encourage you to donate platelets. It's a very, very useful blood product that can be obtained in much higher amounts from a dedicated donation than by centrifuging whole blood. I had to give it up, both because of spending too much time in Europe and due to some more recent health issues, but it's an incredibly useful thing to do.

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