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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So the other day I was trawling Conservapedia and I happened to read their article on the September 11th attacks. Now, I should note right off the bat that this article is unusually good for Conservapedia, which is to say it's still howlingly terrible, but steers clear of lunatic ravings to a greater extent than most Conservapedia articles (for example, check out their article on Barack Obama). That having been said, however, this article provides a simply fantastic example of why Conservapedia is such an embarrassment to human life everywhere. And what I mean by that, is their sub-section on the Social Impacts of the attacks, which is as follows:

Or, to quote directly:

Following the attacks there was a strong surge of patriotism in virtually all facets of American society. The government, being aware that the most deadly attack ever on American soil could stir up animosity against the ethnic or religious group of the perpetrators, went out of its way along with the media to separate Islam from the actions taken by its more radical adherents, referring to it at multiple times as a "religion of love". While people of Middle Eastern decent and adherents of Islam were concerned at first, the overall effect of hostility towards these groups was barely noticeable. Although there were literally millions of Muslims in America out of a total population of 300 million who could have sought out reprisals, in an entire year less than 500 cases of aggression of verbal hostility were reported. Muslims responded to the magnanimous treatment they received from Americans by seeking to construct an insulting and offensive Ground Zero Mosque. [emphasis added]

Now, leaving aside the horrid grammar and spelling, and ignoring the questionable factual interpretations contained in the above, I just want to draw your attention to that last sentence. See? Americans were so magnanimous for not randomly attacking innocent civilians who had nothing in common with the perpetrators of an attack except, perhaps, some of their religious beliefs. And then those horrible Muslims- who based on the phrasing of the sentence apparently are not, and cannot be, Americans- well, they just turned around and kept being Muslim! I suppose in one sense American Muslims did receive better treatment than Japanese Americans during World War II in that they weren't rounded up and forced into internment camps.* But not confiscating an entire ethnic group's possessions and forcing them into armed prison camps hardly qualifies one for the label of "magnanimous".

Ah, Conservapedia. Just when I think I've plumbed the full depths of your hatefulness, you manage to surprise me. Well played.

* I feel compelled to point out that while Conservapedia has both a surprisingly large number of articles about Japan as well as articles about World War II and the homefronts in World War II, they are curiously silent about the internment of Japanese Americans.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh for the love of pancakes. This is the kind of shit I am going to have to hear from my dad over the holidays. Of course he thinks Matt Drudge is a gentleman and a scholar.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010 6:44:00 AM  

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