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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fahrenheit Four-Fifty-Yawn

If you've ever read the famous work by Ray Bradbury you may have found yourself wondering how such a wretched dystopian future could ever come to pass. Fortunately, Andrew Schlafly of Conservapedia has provided an answer for us:

Or, in plain language:

Nearly 250,000 people will soon be without a single bookstore, as the last one is closing in Laredo, Texas. Most books (other than the Bible) are liberal claptrap anyway, so this is probably good news. [emphasis original]

So, just to recap: we shouldn't care if the last bookstore in a given area closes, thereby denying* the residents access to... you know... books, because the aforementioned books may contain things that we disagree with. Actually, no, sorry, that doesn't quite capture it- we should be gleeful that the last bookstore closed because it will keep people from reading things we disagree with. Andrew Schlafly is literally celebrating ignorance. Now, there has since appeared a sort of limp claim on the talk page that Andy was just being "provocative," but I leave it to you to decide whether the claim is reliable:

Honestly, I think it appears to be more likely that "provocative" is here meant as a synonym for "embarrassingly stupid," but maybe that's just me?

It's just this kind of lazy, ignorant jackassery that demonstrates exactly why dystopias can, and do, happen. Dystopia doesn't require an evil conspiracy or even a power-mad would-be dictator. All it really requires is for someone to decide that they'd rather have ignorant agreement than educated dissent, and frankly agreement can't get much more ignorant than Conservapedia.

Some say the world will end in fire, others say in ice. Me, I say it will end in stupid.

This is the way the world will end.

* I should note that, thanks to the wonders of the Kindle among other things, I strongly doubt that the bookstore closing will actually cut off the supply. Besides, there are such things as libraries, you know?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, but this always cheers me up. And is Bradbury-related.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 6:09:00 AM  

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