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Friday, November 19, 2010

Wasn't this a Slider's episode?

Back in the day I occasionally watched the show Sliders, which portrayed four people journeying through alternate universes, and I seem to recall something very much like this:

Indeed, it seems that the Science Cheerleaders are hoping to radically alter our perception of both science and cheerleaders. Generally, I'm really excited about this process because, frankly, we need people to see how awesome science is, and making sure that more of those people are female can only be a good thing. Likewise, given my past support for Danica McKellar's efforts to promote math to girls, I'm inclined to view the Science Cheerleaders favorably.

All that said, however, I'm forced to wonder: will this help those young people interested in going into science who are not also cheerleaders, or great athletes, or actors? In other words, does this only make it cool to be a cheerleader and a scientist, but not just to be a scientist?

Because- and I gotta be honest here- there ain't nobody who wants me to start shaking my pom-poms for grant funding, you know?

And as a random side note: everyone witness the triumphant return of the "boobs" tag! It's been a long time, old friend!

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