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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"I hear there's even a milking mini-game!"

I'll grant that my taste in video games* is a bit unusual, running more to the spreadsheet-based strategy game than to the action shoot-em-up, but even I think this looks like the most boring f-ing thing ever. And the awesome techno music just doesn't help:

You mean... I can drive all five kinds of tractors? Holy shit! How awesome is that? And there are cows? I mean goddamn, what doesn't this game have?

If you're curious, you can see an English version of the trailer over on Steam but it lacks the techno soundtrack and, so, is unworthy. Now, I know people get really into these kinds of games. Take Farmville, for example- some people get so into that game that they'll shake their baby to death for interrupting them.** But that being said, is it really that exciting to... you know... drive a combine back and forth in rows, mowing down wheat? It's like mowing your lawn, but you have to pay someone else $30 for the privilege and, at the end, your lawn still looks like shit and you're pasty from lack of exposure to sunlight.

I just do not get it.

* You might say that I'm more of a Tycho than a Gabe.

** I really, really wish that were just hyperbole.

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