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Monday, January 24, 2011

Spam: It's what's for dinner!

I get a lot of e-mail in a given day and inevitably some of it is spam. That's okay with me, however, because honestly some of it is just awesome. Take this item for example, which I received about a week ago:

Apparently, someone named "Kestrel Leopard Lepard" wants to connect with me on Yahoo! Even better, she wants to share updates and photos, which seems promising when you glance at her profile picture and realize that she's holding her leg up in that awkward position solely to cover the nipple on her right boob. I have never seen a woman adopt such a posture casually. Really, the only reason you'd ever sit in that position is because (a) you really want everyone to see that you have both boobs and legs or (b) because you're a contortionist who really loves her work. For some reason this kind of thing often gives me a giggle- at least when it doesn't horrify me- and I thought I'd share.

Also, I'm lazy, but what else is new?

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