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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Convergent evolution

Okay, so, I'll readily admit that I find the new Apple iPad to be- in a word- neat. I'll also readily admit- and my wife will back me up on this one- that I have a weakness for gadgets that go "beep," so my yen for the iPad is hardly surprising.* All that said, I still feel the need to mention something. The other day I happened to learn** that ZAGG has a new case for the iPad. This case- made from aircraft-grade aluminum, contains a hinge for the iPad, high-density padding, and a keyboard. It looks like this:

If you're wondering where you've seen that before, I'll give you a hint- they're called laptops:

Screen? Check! Built-in keyboard? Check! Aluminum case? Check! Congratulations, Zagg! You've successfully reproduced an existing product, only with fewer capabilities!*** And you know what else? I think Zagg knows exactly what they've done:

Or, to quote:

Large, flat base allows for use on a soft or uneven surface such as a lap or on a bed [emphasis added]

I trust my technolust, but every now and then I have to wonder about our collective sanity.

* I should note that as much as I find them neat, I think that they only really make sense as a sort of low-power laptop replacement. They're too heavy, with inadequate battery life, to serve as an e-reader when devices like the Kindle and the Nook are available.

** Specifically, I received a marketing e-mail from ThinkGeek.

*** Also, arguably, for less money but you can get a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a 320 gig hard disk for $1199, whereas an iPad with 64 gigs of storage plus the Zagg case will run you about $800. So, really, if you need that kind of performance, the laptop is more cost-effective.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I type a lot on my IPad. I think Zagg's product would serve as a help and not a hindrance. It protects my investment as well as gives me the options I want for typing and positions. If I want to use the IPad without it, I still can. It is an IPad, not a Macbook so why does this $99 add-on all of a sudden mean you should compare them against each other.

Thursday, April 14, 2011 9:37:00 AM  

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