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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Godwin moment...

So I happened to be poking around over on Conservapedia and I ran into this:

Or, in plain text:

Did Adolf Hitler rewrite the Bible?

Did Adolf Hitler rewrite the Bible?

You really have to love it when the heading and sub-heading are exactly the same. Nice job, guys. Now, generally speaking, any time that Conservapedia mentions Hitler you should pretty much just walk the other way. This is because those guys are basically a walking Godwin's Law enforcement squad. I guarantee that if they don't like you, they either have already, or very soon will (and more than likely the former), compare you to Hitler. For example, they currently assert that Hitler was an evolutionist, a liberal (see also this), and quite possibly a homosexual. You really need to read that last one to get a sense of the epic scale of the crazy. Anyway, yeah, you generally should ignore all references to Hitler on Conservapedia. But this one fascinates me. Really!

If you follow the link, you end up at Creation Ministries International* which has an entire article on just this subject. This article reads, in part:

Elimination of the Jews in Nazi Germany was not confined to the Holocaust. It also took the form of rewriting the New Testament to ‘dejudaize’ it, i.e. to remove references to Judaism and to recast Jesus as an Aryan, generating what has been called the ‘Nazi Bible’. This has been the subject of some sensational and substantially erroneous claims, including that the project was Hitler’s brainchild.

Now, let's ignore for a moment that the first paragraph of the article Conservapedia links to basically says, "No, Hitler didn't rewrite the bible, although some Nazis may have", thereby answering Conservapedia's question in the negative. That isn't what fascinates me, although it is good for a chuckle. The article goes on to make a convoluted argument that if you attempt to reconcile evolution with religion, you're basically like Hitler. No, really, it does:

When what God has said in His inspired Word, the Bible, is disregarded by those who claim to be Christians, there is no logical limit to the errors or indeed the blasphemy to which this opens the door.

Today many pastors and theologians think they are doing the church a favour by substituting theistic evolution for recent Creation in Genesis, and by denying that the biblical accounts of the Flood and Babel are part of Earth’s true history. However, such persons have no authority to censor the Word of God in this way, any more than the liberal German Christians had to dejudaize it.

Without exception, all attempts to marry Christianity to the worldview of unbelievers contravenes biblical authority, and subverts the faith of Christians. At the same time, it cuts no ice with atheists and agnostics. Just as the Nazis whom Grundmann was trying to impress treated him with disdain, many anti-theists have nothing but contempt for Christians who do not believe their own Holy Book.

But that's not what I find so damned funny about all this. No, what I find funny is that- as we've previously discussed- Conservapedia itself has tried to rewrite the bible in their Conservative Bible Project. And when we run the logic forward we reach the inevitable conclusion that Conservapedia is touting the fact that Creation Ministries International just compared them to the Nazis.

And if that isn't funny, you don't have a sense of humor.**

* By sheer coincidence my wife and I heard a story on the radio about a project in Kentucky to build a "life-size" replica of Noah's Ark. In response to my wife's moan of shock and horror, I remarked- and this is a direct quote: "Any time you hear about something that's unbelievably stupid and related to the bible, it's a sure bet that Answers in Genesis or Creation Ministries International is behind it." I stand by that, too.

** Or, you know, you have some class, which I manifestly do not.

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