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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A quick aside for the monks...

To respond briefly to your questions and remarks:

(1) There are, in fact, forty-seven chapters plus an epilogue and afterword in that darn book. This means we have a ways to go yet, although you are far from alone in your amazement. My wife has already warned me that after this I am not to do another of these shit-birds for a long time. You're welcome to try to reason with her, but I rather doubt your chances.

(2) The signet ring is working out wonderfully, but I keep accidentally beaning undergrads with the scepter. Then again, maybe it's more of an "on purpose" kind of thing.

(3) I take that as a compliment since monomania at least implies that my mind is otherwise sound. That's quite an improvement, when you think about it!

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