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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Even after all these years, they can still baffle me.

So over on the usual wretched hive of scum and villainy I ran across a headline that just makes me scratch my head and say, "huh?":

Or, in plain human language:

Public school update: "17-year-old student dies after stabbing during high school lunch break." And liberal gun control would not have prevented it. How about teaching conservative values for once? [emphasis original]

The story they refer to is quite sad and seems to boil down to, "Female student got in an argument with an older male who was apparently not a student, was then punched, knocked down and repeatedly stabbed." That is an awful, awful thing and as a father, my heart goes out to the girl's family.

Here's the thing though: what the fuck does this have to do with gun control? Are they saying that if it weren't for gun control the girl might have had a gun that she could have used to shoot her attacker? So, are we in favor of allowing teenagers in high school to attend class with firearms? Because, I've been to high school, and that doesn't sound like a great idea. Are they saying that if other students had guns they could have shot the assailant? Because the assailant was actually stopped when he was tackled by the school's police officer, and if a trained cop didn't feel comfortable drawing his weapon and taking a shot, I suspect a bunch of excitable teenagers with guns would have just increased the body count. Are they saying that because of gun control, the man just attacked her with a knife and killed her anyway, therefore gun control is pointless? How does that even make sense? Should we make it legal to buy your very own cruise missile just because people can kill each other with their bare hands?

I mean, seriously, what the hell are their snide remarks supposed to mean other than simply, "Liberals suck and everything in the world that goes wrong is their fault, somehow"?* Somehow, even after all these years, I can't quite come to grips with just how idiotic the Conservapeons are.

* Yeah, I know, their remarks mean nothing other than that. I'm aware.

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