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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I know it means I'm immature...

But this just makes me snicker like an idiot every time I look at it:

Oh, wikipedia! Every now and then you're actually funnier than Conservapedia. Although, let's face it, there's really no place quite like Conservapedia when you want weapons-grade stupid:*

Or, in plain text:

Whales in the desert? And at an elevation of 13,000 feet? (That's oxygen-mask altitude in the Air Force.) How did they get there? The Great Flood, that's how. But the Associated Press won't even talk about how high this latest find was. More MSM sophistry.

Good times, Conservapeons, good times!

* If you're curious, that story links to an opinion piece written by a Conservapeon named- I swear I'm not making this up- Terry Hurlbut. He has, apparently, never quite grasped the twin concepts of plate tectonics and deep geologic time.

Special thanks to The Oatmeal for bringing this up.

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