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Thursday, December 08, 2011


We're doing this now? With a democratic administration. Seriously? Even though the FDA has recommended making plan B available over the counter we're not going to just because:

According to the New York Times, today marks a strange moment in history, the first time the Health and Human Services Secretary has ever overruled an FDA decision. And boy, the FDA is struggling not to sound completely irate over this decision. It’s hard to blame them, as Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has just rejected all available scientific evidence, her traditional pro-choice politics, the advice of all the relevant medical academies, and basic common sense to tell the FDA that they cannot make Plan B emergency contraception available over the counter to anyone who wishes to buy it. Right now, in violation of a judge’s orders, the FDA has restricted OTC sales of Plan B to women 17 and older, even though there’s no scientific evidence to suggest it’s harmful to younger women. The FDA finally came to its senses on this issue, only to have this victory for women’s health snatched away at the last minute by Sebelius, sending shocks of confusion and betrayal through the pro-choice community, who always thought of Sebelius as a member in good standing.

You know, I have a daughter, and some day she's going to have sex. Maybe with a man, maybe with a woman, maybe with both. I hope she waits until she's old enough and mature enough to avoid the really dumb mistakes* but she'll have to make her own choices, and live with the consequences. But why exactly would those consequences have to include an unintended pregnancy forced on her by the medieval mores of a vocal minority? I know we're coming up on an election but do we have to play politics with everything?

Seriously, Sebelius, what the FUCK?

* I'm not naive enough to think she'll manage to avoid the only sorta dumb mistakes.

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