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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Looks like a winner...

So, apparently Kirk Cameron is making a movie. About American history. Seriously:

Now, I could go off on how silly it is to try to get historical insight from Kirk Cameron. I mean, it's fairly clear that his education is seriously suspect given that he believes that evolutionary theory predicts the existence of half-duck-half-crocodile hybrids. That's not a joke, that's literally true:

But I'm not interested in that argument. No, what I find more interesting- and this is closely linked to what we saw in The Overton Window- is the idea that America is somehow being ruined and we need to go back to the founders in order to save it. Yeah, well, you know what? We have a lot of problems right now that the founders never contemplated, including the responsibilities of a world power, nuclear freaking weapons, global warming, and so forth. We're also much, much more free than they ever contemplated us being. I think the founders were remarkable men,* but can we all just accept that they're gone and now we're the ones who have to shoulder the responsibilities?

The founders created a living constitution because they did not want us to expect them to solve all our damned problems. Just grow the hell up already, will you?

* As a side note, I often wonder whether some of the right-wing's desire to go back to the founders is really some sort of code for, "the good old days when straight white men had all the power and could treat everyone else like chattel". I mean, I'm a white man and I'm as straight as they come, but seriously, I am quite pleased with this whole "not owning other people" thing we've worked out. Just sayin' is all.

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Anonymous Jay said...

A lot of conservatives tend to like appeals to authority. They like to quote the Bible or the founding fathers to make their points. I've had several discussions with conservatives get completely stalemated because they were trying to move me with appeals to authority and I was trying to point out the advantages of doing things differently. We weren't even disagreeing about the subject of the argument, we were disagreeing about how arguments work.

Thursday, February 16, 2012 4:54:00 PM  

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