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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Boobquake!

The title to this post aside, I actually found myself rather divided about whether I should celebrate boobquake this year like I did last year and the year before. On the one hand, any excuse to get my wife to show off is a good one, but on the other hand the originator of boobquake, the inimitable Blag Hag, has specifically said that there is not to be another one. I respect her reasons, too, much as I would love to have this become an official free thinker's holiday. So, on the whole, I had basically decided to celebrate boobquake privately this year.

And yet...

And yet, I somehow can't quite bring myself to do that. You see, the original boobquake was inspired by an Iranian cleric who insinuated that earthquakes happened because women dressed immodestly, inspired men to have dirty thoughts, and that pissed god off because he's a huge prude.* We here in the United States laughed at this, as we should have, and shook our heads at the ignorance. Of course women's breasts don't cause earthquakes- that's just silly. But the thing is, underneath the whole earthquake bit was something much darker- a desire to constrain and control women and female sexuality. And the problem is, that isn't something that we in the west can laugh at, because we have plenty of it here.

No doubt in recent months you've noticed all the debates over covering contraception under insurance, and remarks that a woman who wants birth control to be covered (in much the same way that a man's boner medicine is covered) is a whore. We've seen moves in Arizona to give employers the right to fire women for using birth control, to demand private medical information pertaining to birth control, and to charge women for the privilege of having their privacy violated. We have the widespread effort to delegalize abortion, even in cases where only a moron would object. And don't even get me started on the insulting analogies between a woman who has sex before marriage and used pizza boxes or filthy water. We can laugh at an Iranian cleric all we want but, at the end of the day, a lot of people here in the U.S. are just as prejudiced, just as hateful, and just as fearful of women as he is. And all too often they're willing to do what they can to restrict and constrain women. That bothers me.

It bothers me for a lot of reasons but, right now, it especially bothers me because I am the father of a beautiful, active, happy little girl. She is going to grow up in this world and I don't want people telling her that she's a whore if she wants to use birth control. I don't want her to hear that she's filthy and disgusting if she has sex with a boyfriend. I don't want her to be treated as though she can't make her own decisions and I don't want someone else's belief in a bronze age fairy tale to make it more difficult for her to take care of herself. I love my daughter so very much, and I want her to have a world where she can have premarital sex, dress how she likes, and be who she wants without others trying to control and contain her. My JezLil is a beautiful spirit, and I do not want to see that spirit shackled.

So today, however you would like, celebrate women as powerful, intelligent, independent people. If you want to do it boobquake style, go ahead, but if you want to do it some other way, that's good too. Because boobquake isn't about boobs, it's about women.

* This is despite the fact that this cleric presumably also believes that god personally designed every bit of genitalia on the planet. I mean, bloody hell, male Right Whales have eight foot penises with testicles that weigh one ton each. I seriously doubt that cleavage is gonna shock god.

As a final side note: I apologize if this post looks a bit wacky. Blogger has updated its interface and, so far, it's about as attractive as a naked Rush Limbaugh.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes x 1 million.

Thursday, April 26, 2012 11:25:00 AM  

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